Enterprise risk management

Our expertise

Enterprise Risk Management is a strategic level process aimed at facilitating informed decision making and alignment of business pursuit and value creation plans with stakeholder expectations.

Our enterprise risk management services help you make informed business decisions through embedding leading practice risk management techniques in your strategy and operations. We assist you develop a risk management framework that is composed of the following:

  • Risk management policy;
  • Risk appetite framework;
  • Identified and assessed strategic and process level risks;
  • Risk assessment integration and change management plan;
  • Risk and control matrix for strategic risks; and
  • Risk assurance plan.
Some of our specialized risk management solutions include:
  • Cyber risk management
  • Energy and commodity risk management;
  • Insurance risk management;
  • Healthcare risk management;
  • Infrastructure risk management;
  • Risk engineering;
  • Portfolio risk management; and
  • Corporate intelligence.
We offer tailored boot camps and trainings to assist your teams understand, implement and continuously improve on the organizational enterprise risk and business continuity frameworks. We also provide specific trainings on risk governance to senior management, the board and to the audit and risk committee.
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