Operational excellence

Our expertise

In markets characterized by intense competition and tight margins, organizations that execute strategy better will have the speed and agility to capture new opportunities. We help you put in place structures that embed operational excellence in strategy execution and assure predictability of process outcomes.

Our operational excellence services include:

Value stream mapping
We assist you in defining and quantitatively analyzing the processes and activities required to deliver products and services and to fulfil customer requests. We help you identify value add and non-value add activities and develop strategies for optimal resource use.

Process design and process mapping 
We use lean and process engineering techniques to help you design policies and procedures that are aligned with your strategic plans and objectives. We also help in developing end to end process maps using our business architecture methodology and incorporate process governance in your operations.

Operational management and control 
We assist you put in place process monitoring protocols and key performance indicators to track process performance. We also assist you define and implement key process controls to manage deviations and other identified process level risks.

Operational improvement 
To help you keep abreast with emerging trends, regulations and customer preferences, we benchmark your current processes against leading practices and frameworks. We provide pragmatic process improvement recommendations and work hand in hand with you to ensure implementation and benefits realization.

Process optimization (Industrial processes)
We perform process optimization audits on your industrial processes, review equipment functionality and utilization rates and check performance of process controls. We work with process optimization engineers to help you identify areas of improvement in material flows, raw material conversion rates, energy use and waste reduction.

Process automation
We help you choose the right process automation solutions by mapping out system requirements, defining the critical measures of success, and performing market due diligence to identify the best automation solutions to meet your needs. We also offer project management services to help you source and implement new technology solutions on time and on budget whilst maximizing benefits realization.
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