Sustainability and ESG solutions

Our expertise

We offer a full set of sustainability and environmental, social and governance (ESG) solutions to help you position yourself strategically for a low carbon society and demonstrate responsible investment practices to your stakeholders.

Our sustainability and ESG solutions include:

Sustainable finance solutions
We assist you embed sustainability considerations in your credit risk management and investments criteria. We also facilitate development of green and social bond frameworks and provide technical expertise in evaluation of proceeds.

Environmental and social management systems 
We help you comply with regulations and investor requirements by developing a robust environmental and social management system that is aligned with best practice, including the IFC performance standards.

ESG due diligence
We help you identify and assess the most material ESG risks in transactions through tailored buy-side or sell-side ESG due diligence. We provide detailed and quantified corrective action plans to guide the go/no-go decision of the investment committee.

ESG monitoring in portfolio management 
We assist you define ESG metrics in your portfolio and conduct independent monitoring of ESG performance. Our team composed of specialized environmental & social and health & safety practitioners will ensure that significant ESG risks in your investments are identified, assessed, reported and managed.

Sustainability performance
We help you improve your corporate sustainability performance by developing circular economy strategies, implementing cleaner production techniques and aligning your strategy and operations with the sustainable development goals. We apply data driven techniques to help you design, measure and report on sustainability performance metrics that are aligned with your business strategy.

Impact assessment, valuation and reporting 
We use financial analysis and quantification techniques to help you communicate the value of your social investments, energy and environmental projects in financial terms. This helps you obtain buy-in for new projects and account for positive and downside impacts to stakeholders in financial terms. 

Sustainability and integrated reporting 
We help you communicate value to your stakeholders through sustainability and integrated reporting. We guide you in application of the latest frameworks in non-financial reporting including the GRI standards and the Integrated Reporting <IR> framework.

Enterprise carbon solutions
We help compute your carbon footprint, facilitate setting science based targets as well as reporting to the CDP. We also facilitate identification of climate related risks and opportunities to help you prepare for a low carbon future.

Sustainability for Africa
Sustainability for Africa is a non-profit initiative by like-minded professionals working towards sustainable growth and economic empowerment in Africa. Key activities include Sustainability & ESG integration, thought leadership, conservation and mentorship.
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